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Additional expenditure burden due to difficult geographical conditions: Chief Minister Shri Sai

Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo, in his address at the meeting of the Finance Commission of India, highlighted the additional expenditure burden on the state due to its difficult geographical conditions.

Rapid development work is underway in Maoist-affected areas. Under the ‘Niyad Nellnar Scheme’, efforts are being made to ensure basic facilities like education, health, roads, electricity, and water in these regions.

Effective measures are being taken in the state to curb Naxalism.

Chief Minister pointed out that if the state receives more financial assistance from the Finance Commission, public welfare works can be significantly expanded.

“We are working towards creating a Viksit Chhattisgarh (Developed Chhattisgarh) alongside Viksit Bharat (Developed India). The country is rapidly becoming an economic superpower, and Chhattisgarh is also striving towards this goal,” he stated.

Chief Minister expressed hope that the Finance Commission of India will provide more financial assistance to support the state’s vision.

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