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Chhattisgarh Public Relations Department organizes tree plantation programme in New Delhi under ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’ campaign

Chhattisgarh Public Relations Department organized a tree plantation programme in New Delhi today as part of the ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’ campaign.

Officials and employees of the Chhattisgarh Information Center, New Delhi, planted saplings in South Delhi. They expressed their commitment to protecting the environment and enhancing greenery by planting various types of saplings. A senior official of the department stated “This campaign is not only important from an environmental perspective but also a heartfelt tribute to motherhood.”

During the programme, officials also raised awareness among the local community about the importance of tree plantation and encouraged them to join the campaign. They stressed that tree plantation not only improves the environment but also lays the groundwork for a healthy and green future for generations to come.

The department plans to organize more such tree plantation programmes in the future under this campaign. Many citizens appreciated this initiative and expressed their eagerness to participate, viewing it as a positive step forward.

The active implementation of this campaign highlights the commitment of Chhattisgarh government to environmental protection and raising awareness among its people. The goal is to considerably increase green cover through public participation.

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