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Emergency Ambulance Service for Those in Need

Bike Ambulance Service Proves to Be a Boon in Remote Areas

Emergency Ambulance Service for Those in Need

Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai and the directives of Health Minister Shri Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, continuous efforts are being made to enhance healthcare facilities in the state. In the same sequence, the bike ambulance service was introduced by the district administration in the inaccessible villages of Kota block, Bilaspur district. This service has proven to be a boon for the people of these remote villages. This initiative, led by Collector Mr. Avneesh Sharan, aims to extend healthcare services to the villages of Kota block through the ‘Sangwari Express’ bike ambulance service. Currently, four bike ambulances are operational, providing round-the-clock transportation to hospitals for those in need.
Due to the challenging geographical conditions of a large part of Kota block, it is often impossible to access these areas by road. In emergency situations, the bike ambulance has become an excellent free transportation medium for villagers to travel to and from hospitals. The ‘Sangwari Express’ bike is designed like a mini-ambulance, capable of transporting a patient to the hospital without inconvenience. Like other ambulance services provided by the state government for public health, this facility is also entirely free. The bike ambulance has proved to be a blessing, especially for pregnant women and others residing in the remote forest areas of Kota block.

Assistance to Thousands of Patients

Since the bike ambulance service was commenced in Kota block, 1,339 patients have directly benefited from it, including patients from all categories. The service has reached 385 patients at Shivtarai PHC, 322 at Belgahna PHC, 366 at Kenda PHC, and 266 in Amagaon. Pregnant women from forest areas are transported to centers for institutional deliveries, and postpartum mothers are safely taken home after delivery using these bike ambulances.

Beneficial for Children As Well

The bike ambulance is also used for the regular health check-ups of pregnant mothers, vaccination of children, and treatment of seasonal illnesses. Villagers express their gratitude to the government for this facility. They state that previously, the lack of transportation made it challenging to access medical care, but the bike ambulance service has alleviated these difficulties. Mrs. Roshni from Bagdhara village shared that she was taken to the hospital for delivery using the bike ambulance, and this facility is indeed very beneficial for the villagers. Mrs. Ishwari Gond from Mohli village expressed her gratitude for the bike ambulance service, stating that it has proven to be life-saving.
She was transported to the Amagaohan Government Hospital at 11 PM for delivery using the bike ambulance. She further said that because of this service, both she and her baby are completely safe. Mr. Mahesh Dhanwad, a 27-year-old from Tuluf Gram Panchayat, was bitten by a snake and was immediately taken to the hospital using the bike ambulance. He is healthy today because of the prompt treatment he received.

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